The  Chronicles  Of  Dalon

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One hot August night in Brookhaven, Mississippi, Jim Conner is on his back patio observing the Stars with his telescope and a 24-foot Satellite dish. All of which are hooked into his computer’s database. Suddenly, strange signals begin to dance across his monitor's screen, forming chains of unknown symbols that resemble code.

These weird symbols puzzle Jim who then stays up all night trying to decode them. Astoundingly, a program he develops, breaks the code. He is amazed at what he discovers. With this in mind, and what his wife told him before she died 10 years earlier, he is led to believe that life does exist somewhere, after death. Jim relentlessly searches through a NASA database of all known star systems and finds a single planet capable of sustaining life. But more amazing than that, is—It is in the exact area those weird signals were coming from.

The very next morning, two men from NASA burst into Jim's home and arrest him. They identify themselves as Colonel Hayes and Lieutenant Monroe and force Jim to go with them to Texas.

In Houston, Jim is debriefed on the situation and because they have also received these very signals for many years prior, NASA asks him to help navigate a new deep-space ship with a special crew to investigate the source of these messages. Jim totally refused, but soon finally agrees and undergoes an astronaut crash course training program until he is ready for liftoff.

After docking at the new International Space Station, he meets a unique crew made up of select American, British, Chinese and Russian astronauts. Soon after, they board an extremely large spacecraft called SEARCH 1. It has the latest design in Propulsion Technology; The Ion Pulse Generator which is capable of speeds surpassing the speed-of-light. This beautiful craft has everything it needed for extended space exploration, including a huge Greenhouse for growing food and maintaining positive oxygen levels plus Cryonic birthing units for the crew members to sleep in during the 6 year journey.

A short Space-time later (3 yrs), they reach the planet and find it is rapidly deteriorating due to the effects of its two sun’s orbital similarities. It is situated in a binary star system. after a scan of the surface, they find the atmosphere is much heavier than of Earth. The air is thin, but their eyes beheld a shimmering beauty like no other human has ever seen before.  A lavish, green environment very capable of sustaining life... but one thing... where was everyone?

For miles, after finding nothing but a few puddles of water, some rolling hills and a few strange plants, they take a few core samples from surrounding areas. Soon, violent quakes send them stumbling back to their Lander. The planet is breaking up and huge crevices begin to obstruct their return.

Along the way, Lieutenant Benson falls into one of these craters and as the others rush to help, they discover something inside that looks like a Russian flag. Lieut. Benson falls to his death trying to retrieve it. Soon, the two Suns come to a point where they were about to collide, and the crew are forced to abort the mission and return to the Ship.

After a brief time of dismay, they are now bound for a return course to Earth, but soon, a micro-meteor shower leads to problems they struggle to understand. One of the sample canisters falls from the vibrations and releases its contents on the deck below.

As a result of a different atmospheric pressure on the Ship, than on the planet, some of the jars contents start to grow. Eerie transformations of five human-like figures slowly expose themselves to the disbelieving crew members. The result were actually people that were inhabitants from the planet they just left from. These Phásärians as they called themselves, declare that there are billions of other people just like them down on the planet's surface. But it is too late to go back, the planet is being destroyed by its two sun's in a violent supernova explosion.

In the next few days, our heroic crew members now engage in a fierce combat with a variety of, apparently intelligent, monstrous creatures that have also grown out of the remaining soil that fell beneath the ships decking. These creatures desire a diet consisting of the only thing they can find, human flesh. Death and destruction are now ever present aboard SEARCH1, mixing with sexy romance and immoral sabotage keenly placed by an unknown crew-member.

Very few of the crew makes it back to the ISS to report their findings and conclusions. Which is; There is no Heaven out there. . . However, we did bring back a small piece of Hell.

The Chronicles Of Dalon is a story of love, lies, honor, and redemption and when we are faced with adversity, we are faced with a decision. Do we rise above? Or do we fall victim? James Conner is an amateur astronomer who spends a solid year of his life choosing the latter and then finds himself fighting for his sanity… and his life. 

Before he is given a chance to fully embrace a loving relationship with his beautiful wife, she dies suddenly. Is there a chance for re-connection after death? James discovers a message from space that may just hold the key. This prompts NASA to select Jim and 8 professional astronauts from around the world to find and investigate these strange signals. The lives of each and every astronaut aboard a newly developed spacecraft are dramatically changed as they uncover untold secrets and rewrite the books of history.

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to become involved in the next most talked about Blockbuster film of the year. More impact than Aliens or The Martian, better visuals than Interstellar or Gravity, The Chronicles Of Dalon will blow you away with its near real situations and stunning cinematography. With our fantastic Cast lineup and phenomenal Crew aboard, you will not be disappointed as this film embeds a profound memory for years to come.

The following photos are from the "Teaser Trailer", and not the actual film; as of course, it has not been shot yet.